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The first hospital all over the world!

The First hospital was established for the first time by Muslims, Muslims believe that they should treat all patients by the best available medical services for free of charge.

The first hospital was established in Cairo in 872 AH, “Ahmad ibn Toulon” hospital which treated all patients and gave them free medicine, this hospital contains rich ancient library in addition to a special section for psychiatric patients, also it provided a separate bathrooms for men and women.The hospital management delivered special uniform to patients as preparation for staying in hospital, also every patient got a medical report.

Muslim rulers were competing to build such great forerunner hospitals throughout the Muslim world,
so these hospitals spreader in until they reached these hospitals extended to Sicily and North Africa, and they were funded from charitable endowments and state offers.


? Where has such wisdom gone?



Our world is not doing well. So we must do something about it! Now and not later! We do constantly ask what to do? How to do? But how do we make to find the answers? Money seems to make the world go around and so it has been for too long! So again how do we do to change something bad to something good? To Something better!
How do we convert destructive actions/ manners to constructive ones? How do we do to learn to make good, sustainable and ethical choices!

New concepts need to be found and we must all sketch new ways, new ineractions and new alternatives to save our future and the one of all the generations to come!

So let’s start here and now!

We are willing to form partnerships / collaborations with all interested parties with the aim to increase trade/ buisnesses among ourselves, while contributing to a better world under the motto 14ALL41 °

Nb without LIFE there will be just nothing! If anything!

What´s up?

Lately there seems to be a lot of focus on “the oppressed” veiled women. What… The world seems to be upside down! So respect is the essential key – one to one – one to all – all to one – one to self!

The world seems upside down! And What we need is to define new leading role models and sketch for a Human °she-he° leadership model and as an oneness! And Not as men or women but as Humans for other Humans including ourselves!

I use to ask about questions concerning; life, happiness, peace, equality, human rights? I constantly ask myself why I do what ever I do and tend to want to do even more! All the time! From time to an other I might feel Oh I have got it – I know why, what and how it is – but usually that is just for a nano moment before I re-loose myself in similar questoning spheres searching and re-searching! Questions are just small pieces in my mind and things are on a more existential level! Often I think that “the wrong” must be what is behind and what is inside “me and we”! We maybe think too much and do not allow ourselves to feel as much as life deserves! The life that should be the goal in itself and not just a tool for what so ever!

I am a HUMAN! And That is it!

Loreen – Euphoria!

“Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.”
— Marsha Norman

To my dear friend Laurie and to all other friends!

In fact, I have known Laurie for a quite long while now and do consider her as a soulmate! And a sister! In heart and mind! On our common journey we have exchanged a lot about humans and humane behaviours and have learned a lot from each!
I was born in Morocco and she Laurie in the USA! And we both are Earthians!

My contribution here is to honor Lauries and anyone´s deep, admirable and genuine dedication for the difficult conditions of life for many unfortunate girls, women, boys or men!

So to my lovable and dear Laurie that I deeply admire and whose friendship I do cherish I would hereby share some thoughts about how I do consider humans and the humane! I do not differ anyone or anything – anytime! I do respect and value all the beings whether they are male or female, young or old, colored or colorless! Poor or rich! Religious or non religious. Humans or animals and so on!

So out of the box and Face-it! I am a Wo-Man!
And Yes Out of the box – it is springtime!
Me, you, us, they, them! I versus You – so much simpler and nobler than We versus Them!

Life, humans, humane, girls, boys, women or men – yes, everything and everyone should be worth more if not the best! 14ALL41. Any time! Not worth the absurd! in fact the same for all – all the time!

At this moment the sun is shining! Blazing! Though the cold still hurts! And I am freezing! Inside out! Outside in! Thinking and rethinking: what if ALL we were as happy as the sun when it shines! Everytime! Blazing! Exuberantly blazing even when it might be ice cold! Here or there!?

Surfing in the thought realm, a little thought here, an measly one there and a huge one as herons sneaking into the horizon there – will see if I manage to catch anyone of them! – Let´s see! Sooner or later!

As a measly or let us even say, an eminent but in any case, genuine croft individual – and a genuine individualist I never do underestimate either the power of “the Self or the We”. And Not the interdependence between “She” and “He”! Here or elsewhere! We are and can only be if we revere and respect the inter-dependence between all “I” denominators! Egos whether of “she” or “he” kind are different but equally worthy of, let’s say a Human Core (HC)! Me and You have equal HC. “We” can vary since that “we” may contain one billion HC’s or a couple of poor small and lonely ditto’s! As You or Me!

It is a matter to be constructive and productive so I make every effort to avoid the destructive and counterproductive collectivity! So I surf further to see what is next to be caught!

Freedom of Expression and Respect is A & O in the ratio between “I and We”. Diversity is that as well. Dddddddiversity – alas such poor, and so wounded word and concept!

Confirmation! Extension! Yes confirmation / extension is another chapter to consider between the “Me:s and We:s”!

Looking around, surfing forward! Catching some thoughts, dropping some …..

Having a monologue! Hmm In fact that is just an another form of dialogue, it’s like a dialogue with itself, through one or an other medium.

Extended / expansive minds and hearts are often all it takes! In the name and spirit of constructivism and coexistence! For all “I:s and We:s”!

Thought Spheres! Emotional Spheres! Multum with other spheres! It is so fascinating! Equally exciting! Sometimes – even very scaring!

Catch the thoughts! Catch the feelings! Set up the words, put those in a context and deliver a sensation into the minds of the crowd! What a challenging task, even in a snail’s pace. But sometimes you just have to jump out! Out of the box! Though it is not springtime!

And I am just a Woman! And a Human!

Nawal El Saadawi

The egyptian writer, doctor and activist Nawal El Saadawi is the recipient of The Stig Dagerman Award 2012.

The prize ceremony has taken place at Stora Hallen, Laxön in Älvkarleby, Sweden, Saturday the 19th of May at 1 p m.

The Stig Dagerman Prize /Stig Dagermanpriset/ is a Swedish award given since 1996 by The Stig Dagerman Society and the municipality of Älvkarleby, situated 160 km north of Stockholm on the east coast. The prize is named in honour of Swedish author Stig Dagerman (1923-1954). The award is given to a person who, or an organization that, in the spirit of Dagerman supports the significance and the availability of the free word, the freedom of speech.

The prize is inspired by Dagerman’s poem En dag om året that sets forward a vision of piece and humanity by imagining one day each year when the world is free from injustice and violence.


Warda Al-Jazairia (Arabic: وردة الجزائرية‎), July 1939 – May 17, 2012 was an Algerian singer.

Warda was born in Paris, France, to a Lebanese Mother and Algerian father. She started singing at the age of eleven in 1951. She quickly became well known for her singing of patriotic Algerian songs. When she married in 1962, however, her husband forbade her to sing. In 1972, Algerian president Houari Boumédienne asked her to sing to commemorate Algeria’s independence, and she performed with an Egyptian orchestra. As a result her marriage broke up, and she dedicated her life to music.
She then moved to Egypt, where she married the composer Baligh Hamdi. She performed many of his songs and those of other Arabic composers, quickly rising to fame and releasing several albums per year. Additionally, she has starred in a few films.
“Warda” is a female name of Arabic origin meaning “Rose”.
At the height of Panarabism, Gamal Abdel Nasser requested that Warda be given a part in a production by Mohammad Abdelwahhab entitled My Great Homeland (Watani Al-Akbar). The song was performed by the biggest stars at the time including Abdel Halim Hafez, Shadia, Sabah (singer), Nagat Al-Saghira and Faida Kamel. The song denounced Colonialism and urged for a united Arab People to defeat foreign occupation (see Partitioning of the Ottoman Empire).
Warda died on May 17, 2012, in Cairo, Egypt, after suffering a cardiac arrest; she was 72 years old.