Who to blame?

1- one of the major problems and the effects of the “blame blame hysteria” when blaming everything on one or another religion/ mass-ideology/ community” is actually – depriving the really guilty maniacs from the responsibility for their respective criminal and in one way or another terrible acts! Certainly or/ and well well – let us blame the religions, ideologies or even one and an other occasional org for “what I or you do or have done is absolutely not my / your fault, but X/Y´s fault” – so we, this way can and will keep destructing insted of constructing for a better future! – Not sane!
2- we must be here to co- and re-educate!
3. the best thing we can deal with ignorance it to keep all doors and senses open – no censoring!!!!!!!
4. let us make an experiment: and see how each one of can face him/ herself nowadays!

I am really sorry to need to post such terrible pic I feel guilty and helpless but: This is a call that we must change our mindsets if we are going to coexist or survive! – We need to bring the actual perpetrators to account, and nothing else!


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