Arab Art!

By Al Arabiya

Muna Saudi was born in Amman and is one of the few female Arab artists whose artwork all consists of stone, in particular in large-scale sculptures.

Saudi was born in 1945, when Amman was just a small town surrounding water springs and fenced by ancient archaeological sites. Her childhood consisted of playing around statue remnants and engraved pillars on archaeological sites. While growing up, she spent a lot of time watching the stones, contemplating life and the world we live in, she saw the statues as living creatures and she too wanted to create something that would linger forever.

Her sculptures were produced using marble, granite, limestone and other such materials, she uses etchings in the materials to complete them and make them her own. She often engraves refined Arabic calligraphy and Arabic words.

50 years have gone by and Saudi is still inspired by the stones and still works with them.

“In my view, the stones are fragile and obedient friends, and we always have friendly dialogues,” said Saudi.

Saudi’s dream was always to be able to study her love of art in Paris and after a lot of obstacles set out by her father’s strict views and the very masculine mindset of surroundings, she managed to move to Paris and study at the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux Arts.

It was here that she was influenced by Brancusi and abstract works of art.

As well as her sculptures, she is also inspired by reading and writing poetry and she has also published drawings of Palestinian refugee children. She likes to support Palestine however she can and often organizes art exhibitions to raise money for the cause.

Her works can be found in Jordan, Beirut and at the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris, as well as in her home.

“I cannot find any space in my house to walk around as it is full of tables and chairs holding my sculptures,” said Saudi.

To read more and view Muna Saudi’s art please follow the link:


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