Arabian nightmares!

The protests in the Middle East and North Africa – the Arab spring that seems to turn to become an Arabian nightmare!

Is this how we want our kids to grow up – among violence, despair and death?

Arab countries are in bloodshed or flames – lately in horrifying Syria where thousands of Syrians have been displaced by brutal violence and burning wheat fields.

At the border to Turkey fleeing Syrians are gathered in hope of crossing the border

The fugitives tell of how the regime uses its horrifying force to destroy and overwhelm its own citizens! And it is told that even animals are shot with machine guns, the water has been poisoned, electricity has been turned off and the wheat has been burned, says reporters reflecting witness statements from fleeing. And in addition, of course, an unknown number of people have been tortured, killed and arrested.

I just wonder: What is wrong with all kh-arab leaders? Shame on them, shame on them!


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