Laissez-faire attitude …..

The Walk by Alan E. Freedman

 “All that’s necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world, is for enough good men to do nothing” – Edmund Burke

I was speaking with a dear friend earlier this week, where she recounted for me, a series of demeaning and disappointing recent events she was subjected to, at her husband’s company’s golf outing. Apparently, one of the male participants, thought it was humorous and appropriate, when it was his time to tee-off, to put down a mock pair of women’s legs, spread, with the tee placed squarely in its place (this won’t take much imagination!). When our friend approached her husband and expressed her disgust, she was told, “Please don’t say anything, I have to work with these people.” If he thought about his priorities and self-serving stance, he might have realized that what he in effect was saying was, “my reputation at work, how I’m viewed by these people I share 40 hours a week…

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  1. Arabelle. Hello and thank you. I’m honored to learn that you shared “I’m Every Woman” with others. This vitally important response has miles and miles yet to travel – globally! Stay tuned for much more! Again, many thanks. I wish you “enough” always and an “Ollin” week ahead.

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