MAPA Life!

The Walk by Alan E. Freedman

The earth and everything in it – all can trace their origin to the same SOURCE – from the inexpressible ever-unfolding breathless drama performed by the inhabitants of the sea, to perfectly ordered indigenous vegetation, with its countless and breathtaking coloration, both on terra firma, as well as in the deep, to the inexpressible spiritual beckoning that seizes upon our hearts, of animal-creation, with its genuine glorious majestic state of being and ineffable GOD-breathed nature,  to human-creation, with its  calling as DIVINELY-APPOINTED  fiduciaries over it all and yet, its unlimited,  still woefully untapped potential for good. CREATIVE GENIUS made no two alike. It was HIS design and pleasure, that we all be inter-connected – all inter-dependent if we’re to achieve our highest and best.  Indeed, if we were to survive. We are all sons and daughters of the earth. Somewhere along the way, human-kind lost its focus, its purpose – and became insane.

They embraced and entertained a constant state of self-delusion, not realizing that they had become enslaved to their egos, with its insatiable thirst…

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  1. Thank you again my sister Arabelle for re-posting “The Day The earth Cried.” May your efforts, result in eyes that can see, ears that can hear and hearts that can understand. I wish you “enough” today and an “Ollin” week ahead. Shalom/Salam!

    • With great pleasure! It must be about sharing when ever we are caring! Time to work for the Day the Earth and The Earthians will be smiling and thriving! Wish you the best brother. Wish you a splendid time! Shalom/ Salam

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