This terrible plague: Racism

Indignation has arisen in Finland due to “The Marshal of Finland” , a low-budget film where the icon Mannerheim is made by a black actor.

The premiere of the film “Marshal of Finland” will be on September 28 during the film festival Love and anarchy in Helsinki, but has already caused quite a stir since the main role of the Finnish marshal and politician Gustaf Mannerheim is made by a Kenyan black actor, Telley Savalas Otieno.

– We are completely surprised by the strong reactions. The whole country is divided into two, like an earthquake, says the film’s producer Erkko Lyytinen at the Finnish public broadcaster YLE.

The film is a Finnish-Estonian-Kenyan co-production, the financing of YLE and is recorded in Kenya. Rancorous comments and outraged voices consider it a scandal that the Finnish hero is portrayed by an African and threaten to more or less flogging the authors. Another side however, mainly represented by the press and parts of the blogosphere, praises the project.

– I thought we had come further than this; Mannerheim is certainly a national hero, but his efforts took place 75 years ago. I have nothing against veterans, but it must be possible to get past wars. Much has happened in the Finnish society since.
The whole debate is a sign of low self-esteem, says Lyytinen further.


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