Make money doing good: why not ?

Hard to define, harder to manage, impossible (or a lot of luck) to improve.

This is a linear cause-effect management paradox involving social businesses.

When scaling or validating the business model, whatever business / organisation / NGO you are undertaking, you need inputs from the field to take decisions and change the way things are been done, in a simple definition. It can be profit, income, lead times, quantitative or qualitative.

Doing good = creating positive social impact = changing social capital.

A simple and effective way to measure has been explained by Davinder Lamba on the International Forum for Science, Technology and Innovation, that happened parallel to Rio+20 on PUC-RIo, Rio de Janeiro:

The general idea is to measure the “flourishment as a human” of a community. It could be done, Lamba said, by measuring the degree of development on each of these values: well being, wealth, education, habilities…

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