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via Vivian Poon:
各位, 我係圓玄小學既家長, 大家好~~

English Translation By Cecilia.W.Yu:

Ladies and Gentlemen,


I am one of the Po Leung Kuk primary school parents.  Today I went to a”PTA meeting”. It was terrifying! It was a Communist meeting where as soon as the Head Teacher at the school finished speaking, a group of 50-60 years old die-hard “Red wearing” communists raised their left hands to Air-fists while with their right hands they continued to Clap every word that came out of the meeting. No matter what was said,  a group of agitators would shout : ” Brilliant! Every thing the President said is good!”
全個家長會, 家長不能夠有半句發言的機會, 咁多年家長晚會未曾試過SET機錄影!!

This was a PTA meeting! The Parents were not allowed to speak a word. In all the years I’ve attended Parents-Teacher meetings, I’ve never been videotaped!!

如果我地硬搶位, 紅衫打手就會立即起身叫我地收聲, 有個所謂[家長]仲講埋粗口, 我地當然唔肯走, 校長不斷請我地走, 話我地阻住下場家長, 我地當然頼死, 最後係等家長晚會散, 紅衫人也不走, 繼續人釘人釘住我地……昨天還是很多老師和教職員穿黑衣, 今天有90%是穿紅衣, 呢間究竟係一間乜野學校?!

As soon as we…

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  1. Thank you for reblogging Vivian Poon’s message. I think as empowered women who dare to stand up for certain ideals in the world, we’ve all experienced certain kinds of bullying and coercion. I think it is fantastic that she does not just give in to this kind of low Bullying tactics in Hong Kong! 🙂

    • Great pleasure dear Cecilia! And of course it is as well important to stand beside and behind any courageous effort and human being! 🙂

      • Indeed! There is a marvellous talk by Lynn Twist and Nobel Laureate Jody Williams about Standing with other women all across the world, just being there, not adding, not telling them what to do but to be there when they have to face down Bullies! I love that. Let me inbox you the link from the Inspiring Women Sumit 2012! X CC

      • Wonderful my dear and beautiful friend! Always helpful and graceful! Innerly appreciate Yu! Look forward to share more … ❤

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