? Where has the wisdom gone?

Ah – where has all the wisdom gone?

Al Karaouine University (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/University_of_Al_Karaouine) and its affiliated mosque are among the world’s oldest.
Dating back to 859!, the university is said to be older than its European counterparts, University of Oxford and University of Bologna, two of the world’s oldest universities.
Situated in the heart of city of medina, the mosque and the seat of learning was created when Fatima and her sister Marian inherited a large sum of money from their father, they pooled in to create a seat of learning for their adopted city and its inhabitants.
Even the Guinness Book of Records, records it as the world’s oldest seat of higher learning.

Long before Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard or any other university ever existed. The University of al Karaouine was founded in 859 located in Fes, Morocco
The al Karaouine institution is considered by the Guinness book the oldest continuously operating academic degree-granting university in the world.

The First hospital was established for the first time by Muslims, and they already at that time believed that all patients should be treated by the best available medical services for free of charge.

This first hospital was established in Cairo in 872 AH, “Ahmad ibn Toulon” hospital which treated all patients and gave them free medicine, this hospital contains rich ancient library in addition to a special section for psychiatric patients, also it provided a separate bathrooms for men and women.The hospital management delivered special uniform to patients as preparation for staying in hospital, also every patient got a medical report.

Muslim rulers were competing to build such great forerunner hospitals throughout the Muslim world; these hospitals extended to Sicily and North Africa, and they were funded from charitable endowments and state offers.

source: http://www.inventorsglobalvillage.org


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