Interview with Richard Mwale, illustrator of Where Women Have No Doctor in Chichewa

Umoyo Trust

Where Women Have No Doctor is a health guide for women published by Hesperian Health Guides. This book combines self-help medical information with an understanding of the ways poverty, discrimination and cultural beliefs limit women’s health and access to care. Developed with community-based groups and medical experts from more than 30 countries, this book is an essential resource for any woman who wants to improve her health, and for health workers who want more information about the problems that affect only women. Pamene Amayi Alibe Dokotala the Chichewa edition was translated and illustrated in 2010/11 and it is in process to be published in Malawi.

Biography. Richard Mwale qualified as a lithographer at the University of Malawi in 1972. In the same year, he was employed by Blantyre Print, the largest printing company in Malawi. In 1980 he became a graphic designer and illustrator of a Malawi’s leading magazine MONI…

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