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DoGoodCon Early Bird Tickets On Sale At Noon February 14th

What’s better than getting in on a Good thing? Getting in on a Good thing early!

As you know DoGoodCon is going to be an awesome opportunity to gather with like-minded for-profit Social Entrepreneurs (and those who aspire to be one) here in NYC in May. This is the only event that focuses exclusively on sustainable, for-profit enterprise. The number of people will be limited by the space we’ve chosen – you can read all about that here – and we’ve parsed out a limited number of tickets to offer them at a special early bird price. You’ll only be able to purchase these through our Kickstarter campaign.

Buy them now!

We’re looking forward to seeing you in May so check back here at noon for the links you’re going to need to snap up those great prices!

And be sure to tell your friends about DoGoodCon, Like us…

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  1. Thanks so much for spreading the word! We’re looking forward to an amazing event!

  2. This is wonderful! Hope to see you at DoGoodCon in May!

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