Kristine Bonnevie, born in Trondheim in 1872, became the first female member of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Lettersin 1911 – 100 years after the establishment of the University of Oslo. Her fields of research were cytology, genetics and embryology. Bonnevie started studying zoology in 1892, which she later on switched to biology. She completed her doctoral dissertation in 1906.

In 1912, the Norwegian magazine ‘Folkebladet’ wrote in a portrait of her: ‘It is only during the holidays that dr. Bonnevie can work on her scientific studies. During holidays she takes her work with her to Rondane (a mountain range). She has two cabins up there. (…). One is named the “Snefugl” (“Snow bird”), a place visited by many of her students.’

Between 1900 and 1914, she made significant contributions in research on cell division and chromosomes.

In 1908 Bonnevie published an article that contributed to the establishment…

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