Constructed Norwegian Words – Part I: 1905-1954

New words - SubwayOur language reflects the society we live in. Prior to the creation of a concept or product, the word (obviously) did not exist. In an etymological perspective the major changes around the world in the 1900’s have contributed to changes in our vocabulary through new and constructed words.

In two parts, ThorNews will provide you a representative selection of the “new” Norwegian words through the 1900’s. The first half of the century is characterized by industrial and technological transitions – in addition to the dissolution of the union between Norway and Sweden, warfare in Europe and literary ‘revolutions’.

The following words indicate some of the changes in the Norwegian society. Later, in the 1950’s – thanks to popular culture – it became more common to use foreign words – particularly English – in the Norwegian language. To be continued in Part II.


Termoskanne            …

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