Negative: Nothing

Synopsis: “March 11th marks a turning point in the life of Swiss travel agent Thomas Köhler. After the Tsunami and the nuclear disaster in Japan he loses all his customers, and eventually his job. Nevertheless, giving up is not an option. He decides to walk through Japan, 2900 kilometers from north to south, in order to show that not all of Japan is Fukushima. A trip of a lifetime starts through a country trying to cope with its biggest crisis since the end of World War II, but never losing hope for better days. The documentary film «negative: nothing» is a journey that changes the life of a travel agent forever and gives hope and strength to a nation. Even the longest journey starts with a single step.”

Produced and Directed by: Jan Knuesel, Stephan Knuesel
Photos: Christoph Bangert
Music: Yukio Elien Lanz, Tim & Puma Mimi
Sound Mix: Josh Allen
Appearances: Thomas Koehler, Andre Zimmermann, Hiorshi Mizohata, Rolf Mueller, Kohei Isohata, Urs Bucher, Kaoru Okawara, Takashi Kikuchi, Masayuki Fujimoto, Yumiko Nishikawa.

Graphic Design (Promotion): Hitomi Murai


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