Anton´s touching story

Here I share a role modeling friend´s story about intolerance, discrimination, hate and destructive behavior still today anno 2013!


“Thursday night, april 25th 2013, I was asked to leave a party hosted in one of the world’s most famous music studios, because I drew too much attention to myself. I had been inside this studio in new york city for about twenty minutes, simply talking to my two friends without being loud, rude, drunk or anything of that sort. Neither did I walk in uninvited. However. My hair is orange, I wore higher heels than anyone else, and – I’m GAY.

Perhaps the saddest part of it all is that I barely even reacted at first. That I, in fact, is so used to the hatred that I’ve become numb to it. When I was around 11-12, I got sick with severe eating disorders, and one of the biggest reasons to that was in fact the everyday-hatred and discrimination of gay people in my hometown. I was told everyday that I was “disgusting”, for the simple reason that I’m gay, and many people heard, saw, and knew of this – but chose to ignore it. So, sadly, I eventually became accustomed to it. Today, I’m so used pf being stared at, hated and discriminated, that I didn’t even react at first when this happened to me on thursday night. Not until a man (admittedly well-meaning, but awfully arrogant) pointed out that “you should really be used to this now.” That made burst into flames. I answered him shortly that, “if I don’t stand up for myself and the rights of others, then who will? I DEMAND to be treated with the same respect and the same rights that you get.”

So I now share this with all of you. Because I never ever want anyone else to have to get used to discrimination.

Today, I can choose to be sad, angry or shocked by what happened. Or I can choose to be grateful that I have friends who got so upset about the event that they wanted to chase down the studios management to demand an apology. I can choose to be grateful that the unknown woman across the street on 8th avenue, went from this sad, lost expression to firing off the world’s warmest smile in two seconds, just from looking at me from across the street. And I can choose to be grateful for the emails I receive from people I do not even know, who seek my advice – because they feel I have inspired them somehow.
So, to all of you who share this small, crowded earth with me: I will NEVER tolerate discrimination against any of you. So: in ten years I’ll buy the damn studio – and then I’ll invite you all to come hang out, no matter what sexual orientation, skin color, religion or looks you might have. You are all fucking beautiful.

It’s not always easy being a rockstar guys. But it’s always worth it.

Xx,A. Hornfeldt.


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