Moral and humanity collapse!

The dark underworld of Bangladesh’s clothes industry


Bangladesh’s clothes industry has created its own distinctive landscape on the northern edges of the capital Dhaka.

From the sprawl of one-room houses and shacks where workers live, scores of multi-storey factory blocks jut into the sky.

Clusters of steel-reinforcing rods poke from their rooftops – in the hope of adding yet another floor of sewing machines.

Critics hae been shouting that the boom has gone too far, in the desperation to feed the West’s appetite for bargain clothes.

Child and modern slave labor, building collapses, devastating fires to make clothes for Western companies and citizens killing hundreds of workers!

All these awful exploitations of poor people trying to make some living for opportunistic criminal business makers and unconcient costumers! Shame on – shame on!

How cheap is some human´s life? – Think about it next time you are shopping!

There must be a change! Now!


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