the I:z and W:z


blow through my soul,
through my skin

release my hurt
release my pain

feed the fire within my heart,
the flame within my skin,
the ice within my brain,
the passion within my desire!

– as I reach deeper and deeper in you,
deeper and deeper with you

– as I let you go and come to me
and go and come with me!

– as I let things go and come
things that
I do not want to leave or live

Oh blow and …..

Inspire me to unknown lands,
to unexperienced limits
and let flow the love,
the plans and the visions


Allow the emotions
the thoughts to transform

free themselves
free Me,
free You,
and even free Us

Us together


so that we may share
Share the unsharable!

Allow us to dream
the dreams
dream sweet nothings,
sweet anythings
yet have the power
the power to make our lives

Lives, whole…




2 responses to “the I:z and W:z

  1. Beautiful! Congratulations!

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