Aloof!!! (Poem)

By Loubna Flah
Casablanca, December 27, 2012

Ruins and dust
Cold and frost
Arid lands and dunes
No distant echo, nor tunes
Nothing found, everything lost
** ** **
I am the solitary nomad
Thirst, fever, aloof, barefoot
Sensible enough to be often mad
No abode, no whim, no roots

Source: Morocco World News

Pure wisdom!


Synergie Civique Portraits: An Introduction

“If you ask what the main common feature is to all the Synergie Civique actors as representatives of a new self-confident Arab citizen who believes in his capacity to transform the world by relying on communication instead of violence, I would answer with a poem by the Lebano-Syrian poet Adonis:”

Pessimism is a routine
Hope is a creation
Celebrations of the things which are mysterious

al-ya’s ‘ada
al-amal ibticar
‘ihtifa’ bi-l-ashya’ al ghamida’
(Dar al Adab, Beruit 1988, p. 36)

more at: http://www.mernissi.net/civil_society/portraits/index.html


I have a dream! I have a dream that our world will be what it should be!


How many faces can you find?

If you can find 0 – 5 faces – Lazy
If you can find 6 – 7 faces – Average
If you can find 8 – 9 faces – Good
If you can find 10 – 11 faces – Smart
If you can find 12 – 13 faces – Genius


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  1. Thank you so very much for re-posting “The Making of a Jewru.” I am so looking forward to receiving your future posts. You have a very special “heart.” “Keep Walking” (www.thewalkbook.com).

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