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Dar Attajalli – Fez

In the heart of the fascinating medina of Fez, Morocco’s oldest imperial city, in a unique location in a quiet alleyway and within 5 minutes of a guarded parking-lot you find the boutique hotel Dar Attajalli. Only some steps away are the historical sights and lively alleys of the bazaar where spices, antiques and perfumes of the Orient are offered for sale


 city was getting nearer, and at the same time it loomed up within my own mind, rising out of the darkness of memory. A geode of amethyst, brimful of thousands of tightly packed crystals and surrounded by a silver-green rim: this was Fez, the Old City of Fez, in the twilight.”  (Titus Burckhardt – Fez)

The historic house which has been home to the Alaouites descendants is a small palace and architectural jewel. Careful and meticulous restoration with natural, eco-friendly materials and a lot of heart and soul of the proprietor brought Dar Attajalli back to its former splendour.

Let yourself be enchanted in this oasis of tranquillity by the gentle ripple of the courtyard fountain and the scent of cedar wood. Enjoy the amazing mosaic, plaster and wood work and the stunning mural fountain in the courtyard.

Make yourself at home and discover Moroccan hospitality and authentic oriental living with all modern amenities.
Together with the individual suites, you can chill in the classy “salon marocain” with a book from the library or using the internet. Go upstairs to enjoy the rooftop winter garden with its tea kitchen and dining area, or lounge on the ample roof terrace with its lush flora and stunning view over the magical medina.

For your venture into the medina and surroundings ther eare organized professional guides and excursions.

At Dar Attajalli there is a special interest in a healthy lifestyle which is reflected in the food offered being locally sourced and, where ever possible, organically grown.
You wil also be proposed a unique opportunity to restore the balance of your mind, body and soul with daily meditation and Hatha yoga sessions.

So Welcome to a piece of Magic Fez in Morocco!


British poet anointed to guard French language


By FRANCE 24 the 22/02/2013 – 09:17

Michael Edwards, a poet and literary scholar, has become the first Briton to be voted into France’s Academie Française, the highly-exclusive body entrusted with safeguarding the French language.
France’s Académie Française, the country’s pre-eminent learned body in charge of upholding the French language, has welcomed a Briton as one of its members for the first time ever. Michael Edwards, a poet, literary critic and academic, was voted into the French Academy on Thursday following an internal vote.

Founded in 1635 by Cardinal Richelieu, the 40-seat body is considered the highest authority on all matters related to the French language. Members, who are known as “the immortals”, are chosen for life. They have included literary greats such as Voltaire and Victor Hugo.

Edwards, 74, had been considered for the Académie Française on two previous occasions, but did not win enough votes. He replaces the late French novelist Jean Dutourd, who died on January 17, 2011.

An Officer of the British Empire, Edwards was born in London. He is married to a Frenchwoman and has dual British-French citizenship, but has been mainly published in French in recent years.

From the 1960s he gave numerous conferences in France and taught at several French universities and educational institutions. He was a professor of comparative literature in the University of Warwick until 2002, before joining the prestigious Collège de France, a higher education and research establishment in Paris.

His recent works in French include L’Étrangeté (Gallimard) in 2010, Le Bonheur d’être ici (Fayard) in 2011, and Le Rire de Molière in 2012.

While Edwards became the first British “immortal”, other foreign nationals have been admitted to the prestigious body in the past.

The late Senegalese president Léopold Sédar Senghor was a member. Current members include the Franco-Lebanese author Amin Maalouf, the Franco-Belgian writer and filmmaker François Weyergans and the Algerian novelist and filmmaker Assia Djebar.